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Victor Costan got infected with a passion for coding at the age of 10, and proceeded to earn a M.Eng in Computer science from MIT. Victor also holds a B.S. in Management that he pursued as he fell prey to the belief that great software requires legions of developers manipulating bloated code bases in repetitive ways.

Thanks to Paul Graham's essays, Ruby, and Rails, he re-discovered the joy of coding, and came back from the dark ways of management. Nowadays, Victor is still crazy about building software that he can impress his friends with, but he also dreams of contributing to making coding even more enjoyable. Victor likes developing mobile and Web 2.0 applications, and occasionally enjoys building some distributed systems behind the apps.

When he is not coding, you will most likely find him reading up on some new programming language or software development technique. At times, Victor likes to pretend he's a normal person, and can be seen catching up with friends, watching a movie, or exploring Boston.